I have been a longtime user of Urban Decay’s Primer Potion (UDPP), but I recently bought the Too Faced Shadow Insurance (TFSI) at Sephora because I wanted to use my V.I.B. coupon.  I have always heard a lot of great things about TFSI and I decided to take the primer plunge.

Off the bat…these are two great, effective products.  There are many similarities between the two.  As mentioned before I have used both of these products with great success.  They basically cost the same amount and possess similar properties.  So are there any differences??? Um…yeh!

Now first, let’s look at the similarities….

  • Both products are neutral, creamy products
  • Both dry and set quickly
  • Both prevent creasing of eyeshadows
  • Both require a very small amount of product
  • Both help maintain the true colours of eyeshadows
  • Both make blending of shadows of different textures easier

Now to the differences –

  • You get slightly more product with TFSI (0.35 oz vs. 0.34 oz) for the price
  • TFSI has a slightly more creamy consistancy and it’s slightly lighter in colour
  • TFSI comes in a squeezable tube with a very narrow nozzle opening
  • UDPP comes in a hard plastic container with a doe-foot applicator.  This is not the most sanitary option.  Bacteria is reintroduced into the product each time you use it.

There is one MAJOR difference.  So loads have been said about the packaging of the UDPP.  The tube is really cute in design, but, there is literally product in every nook and cranny of the tube.  When I first bought UDPP, this did not bother me much, but as I started running out, I decided to do some research online on how to depot UDPP, and what were the best storage solutions.  There are TONS of tutorials out there.  Anyway….

…then I caught myself….Why should I have to go through all dat drama to retrieve the rest of the product?????? Why would UD want their customers to literally lose half of what they pay for???? Is this to get people to buy replacement tubes more often?? There have been petitions and pleadings to UD to change the packaging, but to no avail.  Great product, crappy packaging.  And you really do get a lot of product when you cut the tube open.  That’s just too…much…work.  So I purchased TFSI and its easier to use and my half full tube of UDPP just sits there.

The verdict: I would use the Too Faced Shadow Insurance over the Urban Decay Primer Potion just because of the packaging?

Both products are available at Sephora.

Which do you prefer???