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I wish I was, but I’ll just let M.A.C. take me there!

I have been waiting for this massive collection for months!!! I’ve said it before, summer….love….yeah, yeah, yeah!

So here are some swatches.

1) FunBathing l/s, 2) Thrills l/s, 3) BeachBound l/s, 4) Hipness blush, 5) Sun & Sand e/s, 6) Humid e/s, 7) Firecracker e/s, 8) Both shades of Marine Life, coral side at left, 9) Life's A Breeze l/l, 10) Temperature Rising l/l, 11) Rosemary & Thyme eye pencil, 12) Float On By e/p

Lazy Day l/s

I think that there is something for everyone.  The colours are very wearable and not too warm or too cool.  The limited edition packaging is really beautiful with at least 4 different colours/designs.  Shadows came in bright avocado green cases with a cream seashell on the cover, the blushes and the highlight powder came in deep olive green casing, the bronzers, lipsticks and lipglosses came in deep orange cases with cream starfish and the eye  and lip pencils were white with a coral design.  While there are quite a few permanent and repromoted items, there were some stand out items:

  • Marine Life Highlight powder – this was the most anticipated item of this collection, with it selling out 2 hours after being posted online and virtually sold out in preorders.  I was really lucky to get one of these!!!!! A dark coral and midtone pink powder with an embossed seahorse.  Also has an overspray of gold over it which very quickly disappears and leaves a shimmery blush.  This is sold as a highlight powder, but on darker, bronzer skin, it would work well as a blush.  The two colours can be used separately or swirled together for a softer colour!

Marine Life packaging

Marine Life, with overspray that disappears. Gorgeous!

  • Firecracker Eyeshadow – So I missed out on getting Hot, Hot, Hot with the Spring Colour Forcast and I don’t have any coral colours in my collection.  This is a beautiful dark coral color, in the Veluxe Pearl finish, so it’s shimmery, not chunky.  Very pigmented.

Firecracker, packaging

Firecracker, amazing colour!

  • Bronze Body Oil – I was not initially interested in this, but when I saw it…!  It looks really sparkly in the bottle but once applied to the skin, it is gorgeous!!! The shimmer in not obvious, but still large enough to give a bronzey glow, especially in the sun.  I don’t have this one….yet.

Bronze Body Oil, from the pump

Bronze Body Oil, spread over skin

  • Hipness Blush – this came out with the M.A.C. Fafi collection about 2-3 years ago, this was before I experimented with blush.  I don’t have this one either, but I think I’m going to get it, if I could still find it!!!! A midtone coral with pink tones. Minimal shimmer.

Some other  observations on the collection:

  • Humid and Shimmermoss eyeshadows are permanent colours.  I have Humid already as it was one of the first shadows I ever bought.  Beautiful deep, shimmery green.  Shimmermoss is a lighter, shimmery green with a bit of blue.  Beautiful as well.  Eventually I’ll get this in the pan form.
  • Sweet & Punchy – A yellowish-green with shimmer.  Another very popular colour.  I already have Rated R from the Starflash collection, which is a real close dupe for S&P, so I did not bother getting it.  It’s a great colour though.  If you don’t have Rated R, get S&P.  S&P has slightly more green, but you don’t need both.  Would look great with greens and golds.
  • Sun & Sand – A pale peach matte shade.  I stayed away as it looked really ashy on my skin when I swatched it.  Would look better on less dark skintones.  I also stay away from M.A.C. mattes as they take more work to blend.  Decent brow highlight colour.
  • Thrills lipstick- very interesting colour.  A bronzey, peachy colour.  I’m thinking of this one.
  • The lipglasses were super glittery and not heavily pigmented.  They were alright…
  • Rosemary & Thyme eye pencil is perm.  Float On By is a bright turquoise eye pencil, but it’s dupeable.  Similar to MUFE’s 12L but F on B is brighter.
  • I was all set to get Scorcher nail polish, but it’s not particularly unique.  Bright orange red.  In the Buff on the other hand, snuck in and is a really interesting colour.  A light avocado cream.  I’m thinking of this one too.

3 coats, Scorcher n/p

In The Buff, 3 coats

  • Bronzing Powders are perm  and the Lustre Drops are repromotes from Neo Sci Fi (I think!).  The Lustre Drops can be mixed with moisturizer, foundations, oils or used as highlights.
  • The cream bronzers are interesting, they dry to a powder finish, but they did not show up on me.  They would be more obvious on tanner, lighter tones.
  • The Duo Fibre brushes are repromotes.  I have the 131 already.  A paddle like brush, good for foundations, moisturizers, light blush applications. The 130 is a flat top brush that has been getting RAVE reviews.  Ideal for precise cheek placement, countouring and foundation.  I heard a rumour that this might be made perm.  I hope so.  I would love to get this one!!!*crosses fingers*

Whew!!!!! I’m tired now! 🙂

If I get more swatches, I’ll be sure to add them.

This collection is now available worldwide, online and at counters.  It actually was released internationally before being released in the US, so Trinis you should be able to find this at West Mall.

I’ll do some looks inspired by this collection soon!!!!! What did you get??


FTC Disclosure: All products bought by Noire Tropical Beauty.  For more information, please visit my Disclosure page.

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