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Maybelline has been adding to their Falsies line every few months.  I tried both the original and the Black Drama versions. I held off on getting the Falsies, ‘cuz, what else could they do? Eventually, the complusive beauty buyer in me won out.  I passed Go and collected my mascara in Blackest Black.

According to Maybelline, Falsies Flared is supposed to give you thick voluminous, flared out lashes, with no clumping.  The volume is supposed to come from the the Pro-Keratin formula and the patented spoon-shaped mascara wand gives the shape or flare.

The packaging looks almost identical to the other Falsies, purple packaging, barrel shaped.  This one has silver lettering.

On opening, the mascara wand looks pretty much  exactly the same as the brushes in the previous versions.  A curved wand, made  with plastic bristles and quite flexible.   The size was standard, not to large and not small either.  The mascara itself was nice and dark, great pigmentation.  It did not contain any visible fibres.   Pretty smooth texture.  There was a slight, but not unusual, smell.  It smelt like typical mascara.  So in all it looked like a regualar mascara.

Curved wand

On to the testing!

I chose the washable version and applied a couple coats.

Lashes, no mascara, left eye

2 coats of mascara, minimal clumping

Right eye, no mascara

2 coats

other view

You know what? This actually gave a great fanned-out, thickened look to my lashes! I was not expecting to look any different from the other Falsies, but it does! I must say that I was surprised!!  I did not get the full-on false lash look, but for everyday, this works just fine.  For night, I would choose a mascara with more wow factor!  My lashes still felt soft after application and it dried to a slight shiny finish.  I wore this to work all day and to the gym  and there was very minimal flaking.  Removal was easy as it comes off with face wash or makeup remover.

There aren’t really any cons for this mascara, except for it being not a super dramatic product.  I highly recommend it for everyday use.

This product is also available in a waterproof version, is sold in drugstores and stockists and retails for about US$6.

Overall Grade: A-

FTC Disclosure:  This product was purchase by me, Noire Tropical Beauty.  For more information, please see my Disclosure Page.

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