It’s Friday (yay!) and in the U.S. it is the start of a long weekend! It’s is Memorial Day weekend and it is also the unofficial start of summer although from the weather we have been having, spring wants to hang around as long as possible.

So, what I am looking forward to this weekend?

The Lime…

A bit of sunshine and mild temperatures.

Memorial Day weather

 I am ready for summer to show up….

Atlanta United FC vs New York City FC  

Watching some futbol!

David Villa NYCFC WashPost Memorial Day

NYCFC Captain, David Villa. Image via the Washington Post

My favourite MLS team, NYCFC is playing the freshmen, Atlanta United, whom I have throughly enjoyed watching and I am excited for futbol expanding into Atlanta.

David Villa NYCFC Empire of Soccer Memorial Day

My absolute favourite NYCFC player, and in general one of my favourite fútbol players ever! El Guaje! Image via Empire of Soccer



Manhattanhenge image via AMNY

Manhattanhenge (full sun). Image via AMNY

There are a lot of quirky things that happen in NYC, that you will only understand if you have lived there. So twice a year, a few weeks before and after the Summer Solstice, there is a phenomenon that happens at certain locations in midtown Manhattan. The island of Manhattan was designed decades ago in a grid formation and because of its North-South direction, at these special times of the year, the sun sets exactly in the middle of certain streets, setting the island ablaze with a vibrant orange glow! Folks are out in the middle of the street, trying to avoid getting hit by city buses so that they can see the complete disk of the Sun bound by the city streets. It is really amazing! Strangely enough, for how long that I have been living in the Big Apple, last year was the first time that I saw it! Check out more information on Manhattanhenge here and here.

Manhattanhenge image AMNY

Image via AMNY

*Thoughts, on this Memorial Day weekend to all those who have died in service.*

Let me know, in the comments below, what are you looking forward to this holiday weekend!


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