There is some buzz about the Dark Diversion fluidline that came out in the Stylishly Yours collection and it is often compared to the permanent fluidline Macroviolet.  Here are quick swatches of Macroviolet, Dark Diversion and Waveline fluidlines.

All three of these colours are in the same purple family.  Macroviolet is a warm, red-purple with an obvious red pearl mixed in.  Here it photographs lighter than it really is but it is a lighter, brighter than Dark Diversion.  Dark Diversion is a much darker, less red fluidline.  M.A.C. describes it as a blackened plum and I have to agree.  There is very little shimmer to it and it’s really not visible once applied to the skin.  This colour is closer to neutral than Macroviolet.  Waveline is a blue-purple (very cool-toned and M.A.C. describes this as a navy) with a slight shimmer that is again not obvious.  Pigmentation seems to be similar to other fluidlines that have come out previously, that is, close to full opacity with one coat.  Smooth texture and water-resistant.

Anyone picked up Dark Diversion?