This kinda blew my mind when I saw that this was coming out! Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has made their name in the beauty industry off of tubes of lip colour called Lip Tars.  These are heavily pigmented, vegan lip colours in squeezable tubes made to mix and match.  A myriad of gorgeous and unique colours but dammit they were always leaking everywhere! I have Lip Tar stains in my handbags, in my kit, on my clothes…Even when they changed to the needle-nosed tubes, it made life a lot better but when I make a colour mix on a client, I always have trouble telling them how to replicate it.  For the beginner or the on-the-go girl, the tubes were not the best to throw in your bag.

OCC has just taken 25 of their top shades and created Lip Tar Ready To Wear.

OCC’s Lip Tar RTW

Same amazing, minty formula but now housed in a regular cylindrical tube with a doe-foot applicator. SO…EXCITED! These colours are still available in their original form for the makeup artist, but this new version is great for the average consumer.

I received a couple of colours to try. I think you can totally guess which one is my favourite! 🙂

A note: these Lip Tars have a long drying time.  They take more than a minute, which gives you enough time to mix other colours.  When they dry, the finish is matte, but not the desert dry of your typical liquid lipsticks. They also dry down to an opaque finish.  Because of that, I would suggest pairing with a lip liner to help prevent bleeding. In these pictures, they look shiny as they had not dried fully.

Here is what they look like.


I love the packaging! The tubes look like syringes!  The applicator is you typical doe-foot and you can control the amount of product on it using the wiper on the inside of the tube.



Doe foot applicator

Swatch, Sebastian

This is described as a plum-toned taupe.  Very much a cool greige colour.  I would probably pair this with a chocolate or nude lip liner so I don’t look ashen.


OCC Hush

Swatch, Hush

This is a neutral/nude pink.  Great for those with light to medium skin tones.  On darker skin, I would pair with a plum or burgundy lip liner like OCC’s Lydia liner.


OCC Anime

Swatch on dark skin, Anime

On me! Anime

Described as a neon pink.  THIS. IS. BRRRIIIGHT! Bright! It is quite in your face.  Don’t be afraid of this colour.  Especially if you have tan to dark skin.  The contrast against your skintone would look amazing! I would pair with a deeply plum liner like MAC’s Nightmoth.  Gorgeous!

From OCC, Black Dahlia swatch on dark skin!

And this is me with NSFW on! One of the most beautiful reds ever!

So check these out.  This is a quality product and it is vegan and cruelty-free.  Even though I have some of these colours already, I am going to pick them up in this RTW format.

OCC Lip Tar RTW is now available at the OCC flagship, Sephora stores, and and they cost USD$15 each for 0.14fl. oz.  That size is a little smaller than the regular tube lipgloss and the original Lip Tars are 0.33fl. oz

Overall Grades:

Sebastian: B

Hush: B+

Anime: A

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