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Sequins & mas! Trinidad Carnival makeup tutorial

Carnival makeup tutorial Trinidad


This Carnival  season in Trinidad & Tobago has been a very short one.  From the day after Christmas to the Carnival Monday is about 6 weeks! So all the fetes and other cultural events jam up next to each other.  Talk about hectic! So this is my Carnival makeup look for 2016.

Usually I take inspiration from a pretty mas costume from one of the bigger mas bands, but this time, I just kinda played it by ear and this is what I came up with!

NoireTropicalBeauty LOTD Carnival 2016

Carnival 2016

NoireTropicalBeauty LOTD Carnival 2016

Black and smokey gray rhinestones

NoireTropicalBeauty LOTD Carnival 2016

Multi coloured and sized rhinestones

I wanted the sequins and rhinestones to be the centre of attention without too much makeup anywhere else. Also I incorporated some strategic highlighting of the skin, minimal foundation and a couple of lip options.  There is usually so much going on with your costume – the head piece, beads, feathers etc. that I wanted the look to be super pretty.

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So leh we go!


Before starting, especially for Carnival, make sure to moisturise and add a really good SPF.  The sun is usually blazing and wearing sequins will give you a funky tan if you do not protect your skin.  Apply the SPF just before applying your foundation.  A foundation that is water-resistant and contains SPF will also help.   Finally make reapply sunscreen every couple of hours.   This is why I suggest wearing minimal foundation.

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This is my first “Whey de lime” Friday for 2015!! Can you believe that we are already in February, and already previewing Fall/Winter 2015 clothing? It’s NYFW again and it’s the last time that it will be held at Lincoln Centre.

Children dressed up as traditional Moko Jumbies!

Also this is a huge weekend in Trinidad & Tobago and Brasil!  It’s the final stretch to Carnival!! I can’t wait to see who is going to win Band of the Year and King and Queen of the Bands!  I am excited for all the colour!!

And I am super excited for…….


So what’s on your radar for this weekend?


"Whey de lime" Fridays – The World Cup Edition       

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It’s been four years since my Furia Roja won La Copa Mundial!  And for the next month, I will be obsessed with all things fútbol! I am sooooo excited!! Matches started yesterday with Brasil versus Croatia.  If you know me, I am a huge fútbol fan, I live for it!!

My pick is that Spain will win it again, but I really want The Netherlands to win.  They have had such great teams over the last 20 years and they come up just short!  Also I think Portugal is also due as well.  Of course Italy and Brasil are right there too!  There are such great matchups early on in the tournament.  I am also excited to see what the Brazilian people have to offer and how they would be handling the games.

This advert has me pumped!  This is a religion!! How many players can you name?

So lemme know who yuh backin’!



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