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Hey! So I was very excited for a collection of Paint Pots and Mattene lipsticks, as I love both.  I really wish that they would expand the permanent Paint Pot line and keep the Mattenes as well.

Anyway, I listed all the items from the collection here.  This has been a very popular collection and it’s still available in stores and online.  Here is what I got:

Paint Pots in Nubile and Half Wild

M.A.C. Paint Pot in Nubile

Close up of Nubile

Swatch, Nubile

The first Paint Pot I got was Nubile.  It is described as a light, peachy nude.  I don’t have too many light coloured bases for eye shadows and I was more than happy to pick this one up.  Everyone is in love with Painterly Paint Pot, and this has been described as its shimmery sister.  This is an excellent base for all makeup looks as it works well on pretty much everyone’s skintones.  The peach colour can help neutralize discolourations on the lid and also would help brighten any eye shadow on the lid.  The texture is very smooth, creamy an is very pigmented so that it can be used by itself or under an an eye shadow.  I would still use another base like UDPP or TFSI and if you add to much it can crease.  I had not problems blending this colour on the lids in a light layer.  If applied heavier, the peach colour becomes more intense and wears well throughout the day.  It also has microshimmer which is also very smooth and does not feel gritty and does not interfere with the product application.  Overall a great product and quite versatile.

The second paint pot is Half -Wild.

M.A.C. Posh Paradise Paint Pot in Half Wild

Half Wild, closeup

Swatch, Half WIld

You know I love a purple and there are actually other purples in this collection, but this one is the lightest.  This is a midtone, red-toned, purple with red and blue microshimmer.  Another beautiful colour!!! Great for bright purple looks and smokey eyes as well.  Again, smooth application, highly pigmented, love this one!  It looks great on the lid by itself.

Paint Pots come in glass pots with black plastic lids and one important note, make sure to tightly replace the lid immediately after use to prevent the product from drying out.

Next up are the Mattenes.

M.A.C. Mattene lipstick

Mattene lipsticks come in sleek, slim cases that a slightly rubberized.  The lipsticks are described as semi-matte, where they are heavily pigmented like a true matte lipstick but the texture is smooth and creamy and there is a very fine microshimmer, but when it dries down it is not super shiny and appears, well, semi-matte.  I love the texture.  This should be part of the permanent line.

M.A.C. Mattene Unknown Pleasures

Swatch, Unknown Pleasures

Unknown Pleasures is a brown-tinted red lipstick with red microshimmer.  Again, very smooth and opaque in its coverage on the lips.  Beautiful in-between red/brown colour and looks really good on women of colour, whether light or dark skinned.  It is dark without being too vampy.  It does have a tiny bit of shininess or glossiness but the finish is mostly matte.

M.A.C. Mattene Seeds of Desire

Swatch, Seeds of Desire

Seeds of Desire is a dark brown lipcolour which is tinged with red/plum.  Again, the texture is very smooth and opaque and it can look very dark on lighter skin tones, which is very on-trend.  The reddish tint warms the colour up so it works well with both lighter and darker skintones.   I would pair this with a brighter/lighter eye colour.

I am still mulling over some other colours, but I am thoroughly pleased with my purchases!

Overall Grade: A

Which ones have you all gotten??