So here is a simple, easy smokey eye using items from the Style Black Collection from M.A.C.  When I saw Cinderfella, I felt that it would make a great quick smokey eye.  This look should take 5 mins. and looks great!

Products used

  • TFSI
  • M.A.C. Black Greasepaint stick
  • M.A.C. MES in Cinderfella
  • M.A.C. Kohl Power in Feline
  • Givenchy Phenonem’Eyes mascara in Black
  • M.A.C. 239 brush
  • Fix+ or Mixing Medium


  • Apply TFSI to the entire eyelid using ring finger
  • Apply thin layer of Greasepaint to the entire eyelid up to the crease. Blend well into the crease using #239 brush
  • Spray Fix+ (or apply 2 drops of Mixing Medium) to the 239 brush and then pick up Cinderfella.  Apply Cinderfella to the entire eyelid in a patting motion to pack on the colour.  This intensifies the colour on the lid
  • Blend the Cinderfella into the crease and above the crease to diffuse the intensity, using a circular motion
  • Apply a thick line of Feline to the upper eyelid and smudge the line into the Cinderfella
  • Apply thin line of Feline to the lower waterline
  • Apply mascara