Today I am reviewing a product that is new to me from the Camille Rose Coconut Water line. It is the Camille Rose Style Setter Hydrating Creme Deluxe.

Camille Rose Style Setter review

Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Style Setter Hydrating Creme Deluxe

I have heard about the Camille Rose Naturals line for a long time, but I was attracted to the idea of using coconut water for hydration. Coconut water has been used in tropical climates for years.

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The Style Setter is described as having superior hydrating, thirst quenching coconut water and aloe vera juice combined with tropical butters to deeply penetrate and provide maximum moisture and shine. This is an all-natural product, with a short ingredient list that also includes coconut oil, and a number of fruit extracts. It’s a white cream that melts easily into the hands and hair without feeling greasy. It also has a light coconut scent, but a real coconut scent that is not overpowering or prominent.

Camile Rose Style Setter review

The creme

I actually created a video review on this product. Check it out below, but I have some additional thoughts on the product.

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