Nothing To Disclose


I have been in a little bit of a mascara rut.  I have been absolutely uninspired by the new mascaras coming out in the drugstores.  They kinda look like repackaged versions of themselves.  I have not been inclined to buy for months! Of course I have my go-to favourites, but I always want to try something new.  I typically use my drugstore mascaras for everyday use.  I keep my pricier mascaras for weekends or going out.  Therefore…I decided to pick up one of the products on my wishlist. Enter the Ardency Inn Best of Eyes Kit. 

NTB Ardency Inn Best of Eyes kit

Ardency Inn Best of Eyes Holiday 2016 Kit

I initially was going to the Modster Big Instant Lash Enhancing Mascara, which is US$25, but while browsing the website, I noticed that they were selling a kit with four FULL sized products that included their newest mascara for US$39.  I did not stutter.  Straight to my shopping cart.  I also added a second Manuka Honey Pigment.  This kit is supposed easy to use and longwearing with two waterproof eye liners.  All of the products are in their permanent collection and can be purchased individually (but why would you do that with this deal?)  This is a great way to dip your toe into the brand.

Here are some closeup pictures of what’s inside.

NTB Ardency Inn Best of Eyes Kit


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