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I am lovin' Moulin Rouge!!!!!

So I had the opportunity to purchase a few items from Sephora at the end of last year and decided to step out of my zone and start building my Make Up For Ever collection.  I also was doing kinda poorly on my red lips beauty resolution and wanted to check out the recently released Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks.

First of all, these are amazing lipsticks! Believe the hype! There are 50 colours, and 3 finishes – matte, satin and pearl.  Really wide array of colours to choose from.  These lipsticks are highly pigmented, long-wearing, and could provide full coverage in one swipe.

I made a beeline to the reds in the collection and tried a few of them and settled for #43 Moulin Rouge.  It’s a limited edition colour that is described by Sephora as “a vibrant red’.  It has a satin finish which is not matte but not high gloss either. Yes this is a bright, bold red but not too blue-toned or orange-toned, pretty neutral.  This is surprisingly, actually a really great red! A red for women of colour!  I think that this would work on a wide variety of skin tones, from pale, light, tan, olive to dark. Black, Latina, Middle Eastern, Indian and any other combination!

Make Up For Ever # 43

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It's all in the eyes…..

It’s no secret that I love eye makeup.  So many colours, combinations and possibilities!

I love using eyeliner.  When paired with mascara, you have an instant look that works for all occasions.  I have used all types of liner – pencil, gel, liquid, cake and powder, although right now my pencil/gel combination rules.

For their late summer/early fall collection, Fabulous Felines, M.A.C. introduced a new product called SuperSlick Liquid Eye Liner in a stunning 9 colours.  These are touted as being long-lasting, super shiny, and water resistant.

As per the M.A.C. website:

A liquid liner so slick it almost describes itself. Water-based, water resistant, quick and precise to apply. Dries in 15 seconds to provide a sleek, longwearing, wet-look, no-smudge line. The superior no-fuss, no-wobble application lies in the “magic tip” of the easy-to-control dip-stick applicator.

The Packaging

Years ago, M.A.C. sold a liquid liner that came with a felt-tip, short wand applicator, with a thinner consistancy liquid. I think these were discontinued.  The updated liquid liner comes in a long, sleek, pencil thin barrel container with a longer felt- tipped brush and wand applicator.

SuperSlick Liquid Eye Liner

The container reflects the colour of the liquid inside.  The wand screws in and out of the container containing the liquid.  I prefer this longer handle as I think its easier to control.  The applicator comes to a fine point and allows you to get really close to the base of the lashes for the thinnest line.  You could also use the wand on its side for a thicker line.

Super fine sponge-tipped. dip-stick applicator

I really like the packaging, I think it’s sleek.

Alternate view

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Going To The Beach!

Promo image courtesy

I wish I was, but I’ll just let M.A.C. take me there!

I have been waiting for this massive collection for months!!! I’ve said it before, summer….love….yeah, yeah, yeah!

So here are some swatches.

1) FunBathing l/s, 2) Thrills l/s, 3) BeachBound l/s, 4) Hipness blush, 5) Sun & Sand e/s, 6) Humid e/s, 7) Firecracker e/s, 8) Both shades of Marine Life, coral side at left, 9) Life's A Breeze l/l, 10) Temperature Rising l/l, 11) Rosemary & Thyme eye pencil, 12) Float On By e/p

Lazy Day l/s

I think that there is something for everyone.  The colours are very wearable and not too warm or too cool.  The limited edition packaging is really beautiful with at least 4 different colours/designs.  Shadows came in bright avocado green cases with a cream seashell on the cover, the blushes and the highlight powder came in deep olive green casing, the bronzers, lipsticks and lipglosses came in deep orange cases with cream starfish and the eye  and lip pencils were white with a coral design.  While there are quite a few permanent and repromoted items, there were some stand out items:

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Review time!!! Lancome's Hypnose Drama!!!

Lancome Hypnose Drama

I have been coveting this mascara for months now!  I had to try out Givenchy’s Phenom’Eyes first, which is amazing, and is often compared to the new Hypnose Drama.  I purchased it at Sephora.

So, what’s my opinion…..

I love this mascara!! It baaad!!!!!!   They once again have made a gem.  I got super volumunious, fringey lashes.  Like wearing thick, fanned-out false lashes!!! Love!  It definitely brought the drama.

The Technology

This mascara features an S-shaped brushed dipped in a complex containing saturated waxes and rich, intense, deep black pigments.  It also contains Pro-Vitamin B5, which helps condition the lashes.  So the formula is designed to coat each lash to instantly thicken them.

The S-shaped brush

The brush is the main feature of this product.  This is where you get your mega volume.  To maximize its full benefit, Lancome advises that you first use the mascara with curved, U-shaped part of the brush facing down.  This allows you to brush the lashes following the natural curve of the eyelid and eyelashes.  It deposits the pigments and gives volume that you can build on.  Then flip the brush over so that the U-shaped part curves up.  This is what fans out the lashes, and separates giving you full flirty lashes!!!! 🙂

Bare Lashes!

With a couple of coats!

It’s not super lengthening, but I think with the volume and the fanned out effect it creates, you won’t miss it at all!!!!  It clumps after about 3 coats but by then, your lashes look pretty dramatic.  I did not have any problems with flaking or smudging.  It lasts all day and comes off with eye makeup remover.

This is a must try and this will be in heavy rotation….along with my Givenchy and Lash Stiletto.

Coincidently, I compared this product to the newer Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluminous.

Lash Stiletto Voluptuous vs. Hypnose Drama

They both have similar S-shaped brushes and both promise volume, but I felt that the L.S. Voluminous fell short.  The results that it produced were no different to the original Lash Stiletto (which is supposed to provide length).  Did not give me the volume that I expected.  I was disappointed especially since I love my original L.S.!

The one thing that may bother some people is that you have to take your time with this mascara, no applying it running out the door, no applying it stuck in traffic.  Your lashes will love your for it!!!!

Lancome Hypnose Drama, side view

Overall Rating: A!

This is available from Lancome and Sephora.


FTC Disclosure:  All products mentioned were purchased by me, Noire Tropical Beauty.  For more information on my disclosure policy, please check out my disclosure page.

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The Evolution of Smooth: A lip balm review

Hey guys!

So I am always on the lookout for lip balms. This is a must have for me, whether in cold New York or sweltering Trinidad, I must have lip balm readily available!  Flaky lips are not an option, especially when wearing lipstick.  Recently, I have been partial to natural balms without mineral oil, paraffins or petrolatum.  Enter the EOS lip balm….

EOS lip balm

I have heard about the EOS lip balms for a while now, particularly because they come in a very cool, conversation-starting package.  I must say that I was absolutely drawn to this!!!! An ergonomic balm? Of course!!!!


As you can see, EOS contains a few ingredients, some organic, all from natural origin.  It features some of my favourites, coconut oil and shea butter.  So I know that I am guaranteed a certain amount of wholesome goodness and smoothness! 🙂

The outer packaging is made from hard plastic with a brushed finish.  An almost perfect sphere with a flattened portion near the middle to help open and close the screw-top (which is great!!! It’s not going to accidentally open…).

See the flattened part of sphere on upper part of pic!

The balm is hemispherical in shape and large enough to cover both lips at once.  It’s really smooth and provides a lot of moisture but it’s not greasy.  I also love the scent, fruity but not overpowering. Once used, its shape becomes a little flattened.  I use this at night just after I exfoliate my lips with some brown sugar and when I wake up in the morning, my lips still have balm and they are still soft!!!!  This would work well under lipstick or lip gloss.

So this gets 2 thumbs up from me!!!!! Definitely worth a try!   I bought mine at Duane Reade in NYC in the honeysuckle honeydew flavour and I know it’s available on (for my Trinis!).  It also comes in Summer Fruit and Sweet Mint flavours.

Overall NTB rating: A!

For more info, check out the EOS website.


FTC Disclosure:  This product was bought by Noire Tropical Beauty.  For more information on my disclosure policy, check out my Disclosure page.

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