It’s no secret that I love eye makeup.  So many colours, combinations and possibilities!

I love using eyeliner.  When paired with mascara, you have an instant look that works for all occasions.  I have used all types of liner – pencil, gel, liquid, cake and powder, although right now my pencil/gel combination rules.

For their late summer/early fall collection, Fabulous Felines, M.A.C. introduced a new product called SuperSlick Liquid Eye Liner in a stunning 9 colours.  These are touted as being long-lasting, super shiny, and water resistant.

As per the M.A.C. website:

A liquid liner so slick it almost describes itself. Water-based, water resistant, quick and precise to apply. Dries in 15 seconds to provide a sleek, longwearing, wet-look, no-smudge line. The superior no-fuss, no-wobble application lies in the “magic tip” of the easy-to-control dip-stick applicator.

The Packaging

Years ago, M.A.C. sold a liquid liner that came with a felt-tip, short wand applicator, with a thinner consistancy liquid. I think these were discontinued.  The updated liquid liner comes in a long, sleek, pencil thin barrel container with a longer felt- tipped brush and wand applicator.

SuperSlick Liquid Eye Liner

The container reflects the colour of the liquid inside.  The wand screws in and out of the container containing the liquid.  I prefer this longer handle as I think its easier to control.  The applicator comes to a fine point and allows you to get really close to the base of the lashes for the thinnest line.  You could also use the wand on its side for a thicker line.

Super fine sponge-tipped. dip-stick applicator

I really like the packaging, I think it’s sleek.

Alternate view

The Formula/Product

I mentioned before that there are 9 colours – 3 for each Feline colour story.  Every single colour is eye catching!!! I love them all!!  Before I get into the details of the colour, let me backtrack and talk about the formula.  The formula has a good consistancy, not too thin or thick and it provides a very opaque coverage.  One swipe enough to produce a bold, defined look.  They take a few seconds (about 10-15) to completely dry down to a shiny, patent finish.  Some of the colors have shimmer, other don’t.  Once they dry, THEY DON”T MOVE!!!  It’s is really water-resistant and would definitely need a top-dog makeup remover to get rid of all traces.  I wore it all day, in the heat and humidity of NYC, went to the gym, sweated up a storm and at the end of the day, there was no flaking, no running, no smudging.  These are really good!!!

Here are the 9 colours they come in:

From the Palace Pedigree collection:

  • Smoky Heir – Dark blue-violet with soft pearl
  • Nocturnal –  Bright silver pearl
  • Signature Blue – Dark navy with soft pearl <–this colour is amazing for brown eyes and skin!

From the Leopard Luxe collection:

  • Pure Show – Bright yellow gold pearl <—Stunning, 18K yellow gold shimmer
  • Marked For Glamour – Midtone grey with soft pearl <– great alternative to black for smoky eyes!
  • On the Hunt – True Black <— The only cream, shimmer-free liner

From the Burmese Beauty collection:

  • Treat Me Nice – Emerald green with soft pearl
  • Desires & Devices – Sparkling dark green
  • Defiantly Feline – Chocolate Brown with soft pearl <—Gorgeous on olive and medium skintones!

L to R: Nocturnal, Treat Me Nice, Pure Show, Signature Blue, Marked for Glamour, Smoky Heir, Defiantely Feline, On The Hunt, Point Blank Liquidlast liner. Missing: Desires & Devices

Different lighting to show the shimmer.

Would I recommend them? Absoulutely!!!! They get an A in my book!! I love them.  The colour choices are great and you cannot go wrong with the standard black.  Every MUA that I have spoken to, says that the black, gold, and silver ones are the best sellers and I could see why! M.A.C. hasn’t really brought out anything like that gold in forever.  Pure Show is a stunning, bright 18K yellow gold liner.  I think they are better than the Liquidlast Liners, which are perm and whose brush applicator I strongly dislike.  Liquidlast has a thicker consistancy which became more difficult to work with as the product got older.

FYI, the 2 blacks in the picture (last two swatches) are the Superslick (left) and Liquidlast (right).  The Liquidlast took longer to dry and dried to a matte, non-glossy finish, while the Superslick dried to a high-shine finish.

These are also 100% better than the Penultimate Liner, which I had to kick to the curb. While the formula and product was good, I used it for maybe 3 times before it completely dried out.  No esta bien!  I did everything, made sure it was capped tightly, stored it upside down, and still Sahara dry.

I think that they are all great to have, but the black, blue and gold are must haves.  If you want to step up your skills, while adding instant drama, I would be all over it.  They are available now at M.A.C. freestanding stores, counters and online in the US. They’ll make their debut internationally in September.  Unfortunately, they are limited edition, as has everything over the last 3 years been. They should just right ahead and make them perm, like the Dazzleglasses and Mineralized eye shadows.   And while they are at it, throw in Feline Power Kohl eye liner as well. And the Style Black Mineralized Eye Shadows…..(ah droppin’ real hints M.A.C.!).

This liners are perfect for creating winged-out cat eyes, dramatic Middle Eastern-inspired double lined eye, or just for creating a neat, well-defined frame for the eyes!

I bought On the Hunt, and I highly recommend it.  It’s amazing and I love it!!! I am going back for Pure Show, Signature Blue and maybe Defiantly Feline and Smoky Heir.

Which ones are you going to get???? LOTD featuring SuperSlicks coming soon!!!


FTC Disclosure: One item purchased by Noire Tropical Beauty.  All others were sampled onsite.  For more information, please see my disclosure policy.