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It’s been four years since my Furia Roja won La Copa Mundial!  And for the next month, I will be obsessed with all things fútbol! I am sooooo excited!! Matches started yesterday with Brasil versus Croatia.  If you know me, I am a huge fútbol fan, I live for it!!

My pick is that Spain will win it again, but I really want The Netherlands to win.  They have had such great teams over the last 20 years and they come up just short!  Also I think Portugal is also due as well.  Of course Italy and Brasil are right there too!  There are such great matchups early on in the tournament.  I am also excited to see what the Brazilian people have to offer and how they would be handling the games.

This advert has me pumped!  This is a religion!! How many players can you name?

So lemme know who yuh backin’!