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So……I’m not a fan of Rihanna…at all, BUT when I heard that she agreed to a multi collection deal with M.A.C. that started with the creation of a customized shade of lipstick in the Retro Matte finish, ah went bazodee!

The Retro Matte finish is the SINGLE BEST FINISH FOR A LIPSTICK EVA!  Ruby Woo is my favourite lipstick and is my go-to with a high bun. So this shade is supposed to be what Rihanna wears on tour, a blue-based red, that’s universal on all skintones.  Last week, M.A.C. released it online and it sold out in 3 hours…..yup, I was one of those waiting on that virtual line! There is no special packaging  (I thought at least the box would have something on it), but engraved on the lipstick, was RiRi’s signature.

MAC RiRi Woo (retro matte)

I kinda wish that there was something a little more permanent, similar to the packaging on the carton and the containers for the Marilyn Monroe collection.  Of course the number one question is: how does it compare to Ruby Woo?  In the tube, the colours are very similar, but RiRi is a tad bit darker and cooler.

RiRi Woo (l), Ruby Woo (r)

RiRi Woo (l), Ruby Woo (r)

But you can tell them apart.  On the skin/lips, on the other hand, it’s pretty much impossble to tell the difference.  Like, which one is which??

Just so you know, Riri Woo is on the left!

RiRi Woo vs. Ruby Woo

So do you have to have them both??? No, but since I love this texture, I absolutely don’t mind having another tube in my arsenal!  If you still want to pick this up, it is being re-released in June… and it seriously looks great on every single skintone!

Edit: Check out the video here!

Overall Grade: A (woulda given an A+ but it’s basically RubyWoo, but amazing otherwise!)

Anyone else down with #RiRiWoo??? (place link to other reds posts here)

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