Is Friday and we limin’! We are speeding through this year and we are in May already (well almost!). As soon as it starts getting kinda warm or mild here, things start jumping in the Big Apple! So for this week’s “Whey de lime” Fridays, I am going to mention a couple of events that I am excited for.


My annual must-go, pro-beauty event! I live for this! More I am loving and focusing on the education part of the show. I love finding out about the life stories of some of my favourite artists and what products they helped develop and the reasonings. I especially love listening to the powerful women that have helped shaped the industry and the artistry. Of course, many companies chose this event to launch their new products and this is where I get my first peek. For example, last year, Make Up For Ever debuted their new 4K/8K Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation that has ‘bossman’ status when it comes to makeup for film/TV or everyday. Especially for women of colour. This has been one of my favourites to use when filming (btw, have you signed up for my newsletter? You should). I have reviewed this product and I go into detail about why this blows me away.

And this year, Mick Ross is making a rare appearance at the show.


If you don’t know Mr. Mick Ross, then you definitely have see his work all over. He’s a photographer that has been hugely influencial in the pop/rock/music industry. He has worked with the best and has produced some of the most iconic photographs of all time and immortalised some of our most beloved artists. I will be in attendance!


David Bowie – Image via Mick Rock and TMS


Hedwig – Image via Mick Rock and TMS



Cherry blossoms, image by me

The annual Cherry Blossom festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. I love flowers, especially brightly coloured ones, but a must see event if you are visiting NYC (for DC) are the Japanese cherry blossoms and they are in peak bloom this weekend! I love going to this oasis in the middle of the city. The BBG is having their 35th Anniversary festival known as NYC’s “rite of spring”. So if you are looking for a great event, especially for the kids, this is one to check out.



Anyone that knows me, or follows me on social media, knows that aside from beauty, I LIVE FOR FÚTBOL!!!!! I live for sports, and am an avid follower of baseball, American football, now dipping my toe back into the cricket and basketball pool. Futbol is the game of gods. This weekend, my sleeper team from last season, Leicester City, will be in line to WIN the Barclay’s Premier League, if they beat Manchester United. Like win the league. Mind blowing! I Last year, Leicester was newly promoted but battled hard to avoid relegation. I was impressed with them from their opening match as I saw a team, that played together, and were often thisclose to winning many of their games. They did not make it easy for other teams. And am a fan of their manager Claudio Ranieri! Who does like him? I love what he stands for and his attitude. He shows you can be a nice person in a high stress, high demand industry. Let’s go Foxes!

And if you have nothing planned, check out my latest video and blog posts!

Anyway, what allyuh doing this weekend? Whey yuh limin’?


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