Hey ladies!!

So almost a year after this mascara launched, I finally caved and bought it!  I’m always in search of the ultimate mascara and I had heard a lot of great things about this one.

The Claim

Givenchy promises a mascara that can grip even the tiniest lash from the roots, separating and curling to give a fanned-out, panoramic effect.

The Description

The most striking feature is the wand.  Usually wands are cylindrical or conical in shape but Givenchy came out with a revolutionary, spherical shaped wand. The sphere is covered in short, fine but firm bristles.

The other thing that drew me into the mascara was the colour.  Since I am dark-skinned, I love wearing the blackest, deepest mascara and liner I could find and this one is certainly black! On first application the Phenomen’Black colour was very black and very shiny, another plus.

The mascara comes with a little instruction booklet and it directs you to use the brush vertically, horizontally and diagonally to draw the lashes out in multiple directions for that panoramic effect.

The Verdict

Eyes without mascara

With 2 coats of mascara

I found this mascara to be easy to use and made my lashes stand out.  Especially on my tiny, almost non-existant lower lashes.  I was very impressed with how well-defined each lash was and how black it made my lashes.  The length was incredible and I looked like I was wearing falsies.  I also found that the volume was really good as it nicely thickened my lashes.  I got a bit of a curl but I did not think that they were super curly.  I don’t care as much for curly lashes so this gave just enough.  I got used to using this newly-shaped wand very easily and I have been wearing this mascara just about everyday, on the top lashes alone. With this mascara, I reserve the lower lashes for night-time because the effect is so dramatic.  In the photo I have 2 coats of mascara, and I found little to no clumping, my lashes were still soft and very little smudging even after a loooong workout at the gym!!

I would recommend this mascara to anyone looking for some eye drama.  The only drawback is of course the price. At $28, its is not in the reach for a lot of people, but I think this is well worth it as I have found few mascaras that give this kind of effect!!

Rating: 9 out of 10 stars

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