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Holiday parties are in full swing!  Last minute gifts are being bought, Christmas dinners are being planned and sweet, sweet parang music is on the radio!

The Ornate collection by Zoya is glittery, and holographic.

Zoya Ornate Collection (l to r)- Electra, Ziv, Logan

Zoya Ornate Collection (l to r) – Storm, Blaze, Aurora

It’ll definitely add some festive shine to your nails!

NoireTropicalBeauty ZoyaOrnate Logan

Zoya Logan

Logan – An rich, emerald green microglitter with green and gold veining which gives the polish a muliticoloured foil finish.  Very Christmas!  Full coverage in 2 coats.   The foil finish makes this unique as opposed to just being glittery.  By the way, Pantone has named emerald as the colour of the year for 2013, so this is a great colour to start the new year!

NoireTropicalBeauty ZoyaOrnate Aurora

Zoya Aurora

Aurora – a deep, raspberry microglitter with silver and holographic microglitter.  This is very cool! The holographic glitter gives it dimension.  I applied 2 coats, but this formula was a little thinner, so I would add a third coat to get full coverage.

NoireTropicalBeauty ZoyaOrnate

Zoya Storm

NoireTropicalBeauty Zoya Ornate Storm2

Check out that holographic sparkle!!

Storm – a smoky, black microshimmer with silver and holographic micrcoglitter.  The black is not jet black, but more of an off-black shade.   I was a little skeptical, but the holographic glitter shone through the black glitter like fire! Quite stunning indeed, especially in sunlight.  I got full coverage with 2 coats.

NoireTropicalBeauty Zoya Ornate Blaze

Zoya Blaze

Blaze –  a Christmas/candy apple red microglitter with pink and silver microglitter.  This is a beautiful, beautiful colour!  A really nice, deep red, that is still bright enough.  I think this really represents Christmas in a bottle!  It’s deeper than China Glaze’s Ruby Slippers and the multicoloured glitter gave it more depth.  Two coats gave me full coverage.  I will be wearing this on Christmas!

NoireTropicalBeauty Zoya Ornate Ziv1

Zoya Ziv

NoireTropicalBeauty Zoya Ornate Ziv2

How cool!! Very festive indeed!

Ziv – A medium gold microglitter with dark gold/bronze/silver microglitter.  What is stunning colour!  Very gilded and sexy!  I could not stop staring at this one!  This one also has a foil finish and it reminded me of some of the Byzantine artwork that I saw at the Ayasofya.  This might be the best of the entire collection.  It’s like wearing gold foil on the nails.  I would not even wear any rings with this on my fingertips.  It’s just so pretty!  Two coats and the formula was really good.  Not too thick so it applied really smoothly without bubbling.

NoireTropicalBeauty Zoya Ornate Electra

Zoya Electra

Electra –  A colorless base with silver/holographic bar microglitter.  This is my second favourite simply because even though this is not a terribly unique  polish, this applied really well.  So well in fact that is gave really good coverage in two coats without being super thick, and the glitter applied pretty evenly across the nail.  You could actually wear this on its own without layering on another colour.  It also reminds me of tinsel.  I was quite impressed.

Overall, this is a wonderful collection, with colours that we are used to for Christmas.  It’s like a collection of Christmas decorations for the nails.  They all applied quite smoothly, especially for glitter polishes.  I am really glad that a black is included and the glitter is not chunky.  These would also make great gifts for under the tree or in a stocking!

Zoya polishes are Big 5 Free, vegan, US$8 each and available at zoya.com.

Overall grade: A

I love the mix of microglitters and foil finishes!

Happy celebrating!

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