By far one of the most popular eye shadow primers on the market is the Urban Decay Primer Potion.  They have a cult following and their product is actually really good!! As many tubes of UDPP that are out there, there are just as many videos on YouTube with people complaining about the shape of the tube.

You see, UDPP comes in a fancy, curvy tube and there is a ton of product hiding out in all those nooks.

Original packaging

There are lots of tutorials showing how to cut the tube to scoop out the product that you thought was done.  I am one person that refused to go through all that drama.  I instead bought Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

So after years of hearing the pleas of fans, guess who just redesigned their packaging!!!!!


And they jumbo sized it too!!!!

This debuts at Sephora stores in the October. Retails for US$29.  I’m getting it. But, why is it limited edition???

All information and photos courtesy of Sephora.