Today I’m going to review the Aussie cosmetics line BECCA.  I was first introduced to this line years ago when they were sold at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC.  What initially attracted me to this line, was the array of foundation colours! I literally did a double take, an Australian line, with a pretty extensive colour range? Whaaaaaat!

Then they kinda disappeared.  They were only available online.  Then sometime last year, I discovered that they reappeared at some of the rebranded Duane Reade pharmacies.

So here is a little background on the brand.  According to the website:

“The whole philosophy of BECCA is about creating a natural, flawless look. It’s really about skin looking amazing – everything else is secondary.”
– Rebecca Morrice Williams, Founder

So they’re really into flawless skin for people of ALL races, ethnicities, ages and they really focus on perfecting the skin.  Their 3-step system consists of Preparing, Perfecting and Setting.  Their products contain antioxidants vitamins, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, also advanced pigment technology (for a weightless, natural finish) and broad spectrum SPF.  They have this beachy, barely-there, easy-going vibe that I like.

I have tested out 4 products.

1) Luminous Skin Colour Tinted Moisturizer SPF 25+

Luminous Skin Colour Tinted Moisturizer

Luminous Skin Colour in Mink

This is their tinted moisturizer and is considered the lightest foundation with the sheerest finish.  I selected the darkest colour in Mink (which is for those with neutral undertones). I really liked this product!  I don’t wear foundation/concealer at all, so it is of the utmost importance that I find something that is super lightweight.  There is a slight luminescence that gives a really gentle, sunkissed glow to the skin.  I received a lot of compliments on that.  This formula is non-sticky, very sheer and gave me the most minimal of coverage.  This is for those that just want a glow, a slight evening out of your skintone.  If you have blemishes to cover, you have to use concealer or another foundation on top, because you skin is still clearly visible.  The packaging is sleek and comes with a pump dispenser which makes it sanitary and convenient.  I used 2 pumps for my entire face and applied with a dampened 131 (stippling brush).   The true test for me is whether or not I have an allergic reaction.  I get a bad reaction to most products with SPF.  Not sure exactly which ingredient, but I can tell within a few days that I need to stop.  I have tested this out for a few days and so far so good!!!! This gets 2 thumbs up in my books!  If you want something that gives a no-makeup look with a glow, this is a good try.  The only downside is the price.  It is a whooping $42 in the States for 50ml (1.7oz), but you do get a lot of product, and this formula is great!

Product is sheered out at right

Overall grade: A-

2) Eye Tint in Paracus


Comes in a convenient squeeze tube with a narrow nozzle.  Described as a taupe with a very fine shimmer.  The Eye Tints are supposed to be water-resistant, which makes it ideal for summer.  The formula is very, very smooth and it glides on the eyelids.  It quickly dries down to a powdery finish.  I tested this product out for a few hours.

Product sheered out at top

Product applied to lid

Yes it’s on there!! This colour does not show up on my lids, which is not a bad thing.  I wore this for a few hours and did not get any creasing, so for me this would be a good eye shadow base to use.  For those with lighter skin, this is going to be a beautiful neutral colour, that’s work appropriate.  Again, the price may be prohibitive for some as it is $24 in the U.S. Very good overall formula.  I need to try Gilt, which is a coppery colour, to see if it shows up on my skin.  Comes in only 4 shades, so not a lot of choice there. It’s also not has heavy duty as UDPP nor is it a must-have.

Overall grade: B

3) Beach Tint in Peach

Beach Tint in Beach

This is a creamy product that can be used on the cheeks and lips.  Another water-resistant product with a very lightweight, smooth, creamy texture.  Dries down very quickly.  When used as a cheek colour, it gave me that colour from within look.  Very easy to blend with the fingers.  Not heavily pigmented so I had to apply multiple layers to get my desired intensity, but that’s just me.  Never looked cakey.  Of course for those with a ligher skintone, this would work very well.  I think this is great for travel, as it also comes in a small squeeze tube.  I tried the Peach colour, which is a nice…peachy colour.  I will be rocking this during the summer and it’s light enough to add a powder product over it.  Contains the antioxidant Vitamin E and paraben and preservative free.  Comes in 6 colours, which are all named after fruit and they do have a light, fruity scent, that is not overpowering.  These are $25 for 7ml.

Product sheered out at top

Overall Grade: A-

4) Glossy Lip Tint

Glossy Lip Tint in Marsala

Their lip gloss.  Quite sheer, not heavily pigmented, so for those with dark pigmented lips, this may not show up.  I tried this product in Marsala, which is a golden, bronzey colour and the colour was subtle.  Nice, but not bold.  I need to try this is a brighter colour to see what the difference is.  Comes in a slim tube, with a doe-foot applicator.  Not sticky at all.  Not a bad product, not great but at $23 I would only recommend this product if it came in a unique colour, especially for darker skin.

Product sheered out at top

Overall Grade: B-

I used these products in my first Carnival look for 2011.

Glossy Lip Tint, Beach Tint and Luminous Skin Colour used here

I would definitely recommend the tinted moisturizer and the Beachy Tint.  You could pass on the others.  Also check out their other products like their stick foundation.

Generally, I think this is a really good brand with some items that are worth looking at especially if you are interested in expanding your makeup arsenal.

These products are available in the US online at beccacosmetics.com and at select retail stores nationwide (like Duane Read).  Also available in Europe and Australia.

FTC Disclosure: The sample products in this post were provided by the manufacturer or PR firm for consideration.  I have not been compensated for this review.  I have and always will give my honest opinion on any product reviewed.  For more information, please see my Disclosure page.