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It's Carnival Time again!!! Las' Lap!!!

Hi guys!

This is my last installment of my Carnival looks, inspired by the presentations for 2010!  Today is Fantastic Friday in Trinidad and Tobago and de place is hot like fire!!! Tonight is the Soca and the Groovy Soca Monarch Finals as well as Blue Range Cooler Fete, so there’s lots to do!!!

Back to the looks….

I decided for my final look, to use teals/blues/greens which are very popular colours for Carnival costumes and look amazing under the Caribbean sun!

My main inspiration came from Tribe’s section called Zari, which ‘is a type of thread made of precious fine wire and it is the main material used in making saris and ghararas’.

Zari Frontline Headpiece detail

Gorge!!!!!!!! I certainly won’t be able to wear that bikini but its still amazing anyway!!!

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It's Carnival Time!!! Part II

Hi folks!!

I’m here with another look for Carnival 2010.  This time I chose yellow as a theme and again went back to Tribe for my yellow selection of choice.  Xi Ling Shi is Tribe’s offering and according to the website, Xi Ling Shi ‘was a legendary Chinese empress and the wife of the Yellow Emperor who discovered silk and invented the silk loom thousands of years ago’.  Again, gorgeous costume!!

Xi Ling Shi, image courtesy of

Xi Ling Shi, closeup, image courtesy of

Island People Mas also has an offering in yellow from their 2010 presentation, Kutchela.  Theirs is called Mudra, which ‘speaks of the importance of non-verbal communication among people’.  Island People’s explanation continues, ‘ With its clinical meaning given as hand gestures, it is the essence of what is captured and related through use of the limbs that is in its profoundest meaning- that of the story of life’.

Mudra, Female Frontline, image courtesy of

And here’s my look!

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It's Carnival Time again!!!!!!!

And people here in Trinidad are getting ready for The Greatest Show on Earth!!!! People running ’round de Savannah at all hours, panmen fine tuning their Panorama pieces and there is an all-inclusive fete every Saturday and Sunday.  Once of the most popular aspects of Trini Carnival is the Parade of Bands featuring ‘pretty mas’ i.e. masqueraders, mostly women, in beautiful, skimpy costumes.  This is yuh time to get on!!!!! Mas camps spend all year designing and creating productions centred around a theme.  There are many bands of various sizes, but three of the most popular large-sized bands are Tribe, Spice and Island People.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be showing makeup looks and ideas, inspired by the 2010 presentations.

The first look comes from Tribe, probably the most popular mas band in the country.  For real, the costumes are gorgeous and so vibrant!!!!! This will be real eye candy on the streets of Port-of-Spain!!  Tribe’s 2010 presentation is entitled ‘The Secret of Silk’ which is basically paying homage to all the regions in the world that have produced this fine material for centuries.  One of the sections that caught my eye was Tyrian Purple (I wonder why!!!LOL!!)

Tyrian Purple Female Frontline

This is one of my favourites!!!!

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