Italian Vogue has catapulted itself into the spotlight again! First it was with the all-Black issue of a few years ago, now they have launched 3 new websites, Vogue Black, Vogue Curvy and Vogue Talents.

Now the internets have been abuzz with the news of Vogue Black, which is supposed to shine a spotlight on black models past, present and future. Vogue Curvy is dedicated to all those greater than a size 2 and features hot plus-size model Crystal Renn. Vogue Talents keeps up on all the up and coming designers out there.

I for one am glad to see an international forum dedicated to the very, very talented black models gracing a few of the runways.  I would be even happier when race really does not matter and we could readily find models of all races gracing the cover of international magazines and runways around the world.  I am also interested in seeing a non-American perspective on race and beauty and the thoughts and issues that affect others in Europe and beyond.

Check out these new publications at:

Vogue Black

Vogue Curvy

Vogue Talents

Happy Sunday reading!

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